Cleverlynx annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom.  Using Cleverlynx, teachers can import files from an external PC including Word and Excel, Video or image files, manipulating or annotating over them and sharing them with the class.  It also comes with a bank of content including hundreds of high definition images and maps.

These new features add to those that you are familiar with from Cleverlynx 4.6.19, such as:

  • Infinite desktop – You can now extend the canvas as much as you want to
  • Calligraphy pen – Left and Right handed calligraphy pens have now been added to aid children’s learning
  • Rainbow pen – In rainbow pen mode, each stroke of the brush is a different Colour, this is great if multiple people are using the screen at the same time
  • Includes an image bank, and a wide variety of high definition maps
  • Import documents from your PC, including Word and Excel
  • Any type of document can be annotated over with the annotation toolkit, which includes pen, paintbrush, highlighting and area fill tools
  • Screen capture allows you to save these annotations to be used again, printed or emailed
  • Supports Common File Format (CFF)